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How To Become a Javascript Developer

How To Become a javascript Developer
How To Become a Javascript Developer

Top 7 skills you  become a javascript Developer

1.React Js

Today we’re going to talk about the top 7 skills you need as a javascript developer in order to get a job.  let’s start off with one of the best and most important skills i think you could have as a javascript developer today based on 300 job listings from top tech companies in april 2019 and also in 2020 this is gonna be true the number one skill those people are looking for is react js.react is a javascript library so it’s still javascript at the end of the day, but react allows you to do really amazing things with javascript really really fast just think about like you take javascript you give it steroids you get react it’s basically javascript with superpowers why should you use reactor who else is using react react is being used by the top tech companies in the world some of those companies include tesla, reddit, whatsapp, facebook, instagram and paypal and so many other companies that are using react every single day . people don’t really care about your words that much what they want to look at is what is your skill level and how they judge you on that is based on what you’ve built the projects so as a developer just let the portfolio and your work speak for itself and that’s why we build those tutorials for you so you can kind of take access it’s free and you can learn it and then hopefully get a job if you want to be able to make an income as a javascript developer and master the skills. i think is very important now with that said guys let’s jump straight into the video react has something called a virtual dom which essentially means that it allows you to really change things on the dom really really really fast okay that’s the most basic way to think about it if you’re on instagram and you type in acommentit doesn’t actually refresh the entire page what it’s doing is it’s only refreshing that comment that’s why it’s so fast if you guys go to a bunch of apps like instagram facebook you’ll notice they don’t actually refresh things happen in real time when you click stuff for when you post stuff the whole page doesn’t refreshall of that is happening because of react react has reusable components this is another big thing about why you should actually learn and use react what does it mean to have reusable components well in react when you develop you’re actually building things and breaking them into separate components of their. then it’s super easy because then you can just write on line of code and keep reusing that component in a really nice elegant way to become a javascript Developer.

2.Node Js

Another skill that’s very useful for you guys to learn is of course nodejs. with that said a lot of companies are still using node.js and they are still paying for that so ithink it’s a valuable skill to learn soi think that’s one of the skills you should have in your toolbox with that said i think that essentially covers for react.


Skill  number three is get now git is basically form controller, how I consider it sort of like a time machine, in the event that you commit errors it permits you to rewind in your application that you’re making and return so for instance in case you’re including numerous distinctive usefulness you can consider it like in a computer game ,where you have spare and checkpoints you can stack from actually any checkpoints or any spare that you made so suppose likes you incorporate a login usefulness with your application you hit spare at that point suppose you work in the usefulness in your application to show items yet then envision for reasons unknown your login usefulness broke and afterward like your whole application broke and you’re similar to what the heck simply happened like everything was working fine and now one month into the venture and everything is destitute what git permits you to do basically load and you can in reality simply load back to when you fabricated the login usefulness is working consummately and simply proceed from that point I think.
it’s one really important skill there’s almost nobody doing any kind of coding or real development or a job that doesn’t really know her like i don’t know a single person skill number four you need to learn to get a job as a javascript or a react developer redux so redux is something that’s hard to kind of grasp and understand right away. you build the amazon clone if i hit add to basket add to cart button at the card button like maybe changes to one or it changes to two redux can allow you to do that without necessarily even hitting refresh and it can actually manage the entire state without ever having to go to another page or doing any type of redirect and so that state management is a very important skill to learn as a javascriptor a react developer but because redux is hard learn it in a two-step approach the first step is actually learn something called context api and then go and learn redux as steptwo again none of these skills are highly paid on their own you kind of have to know multiple things right if you want to be a chef you want to be good at cleaning you want to be good at love actually cooking you also want to know about spices you can’t just be like the only thing i do is like put it on the stove like i’m really good at like microwaving but anytype of ecommerce functionality you want to add as a react developer and javascript developer you’re going to need to learn redux another skill that i want to kind of highlight here is 


you should learn typescript think about like react it allows you to write and react code but in a way where it is like more statically typed what that means you’re declaring your data types as you go along now it might sound annoying to want to do that but what’s amazing about it is that your code becomes a lot more robust stable way easier to read and you will make much less errors on top of that it’s skill a lot of people are looking for a developer and they’re willing to pay a much higher amount to work with somebody who understands and knows typescript and learn firebase.


firebase allows you to do everything  allows you to do i’ve built one of things with was and i’ve built a bunch of things with firebase so much easier to go with firebase firebase is built by google anything you can do in aws it’s 100 times thousand times easier to do it in firebase definitely don’t start with aws you’re gonna get into a nightmare with aws you have to like learn about how does redshift database work oh i also have to go to my security groups and likes whitelist ip addresses what is ec2 what are lambda functions is my function located in oregon or ohio you have to actually know that ohlike you’re a developer you don’t want to like start learning and becoming like an it person right that’s kind of annoying so stay away from that unless you absolutely need to learn it if you learn it with firebase once you learn all the skills you can then apply to aws easy no problem it’s just so amazing to be able to have hybrid between a sql and a nosql database and it scales so well it is lightning fast and you can build the two-way functionality of  full crud functionality within minutes and it allows you to be in yourcode if you’re coding in react javascript with just a few lines of code it gives you full functionality to be able to add things to your firebase delete things from your firebase without having to like write full-on crazy mvc style programming creating routes all this crazy stuff it allows you to do it so fast you don’t even need a back-end like node.js or anything like that to be able to interface with your firebase app so i would say learn firebase i think it’s a highly valuable skill and it’s only going up as time goes on people are learning at extremely fast rate learn firebase this list is honestly no particular order all of these skills are extremely valuable.

7.Reset Apis

number seven is learn rest apis. if you want to do anytype of web development learn apis they’re so powerful and almost every single application you’re gonna try to build or use is going to require apis either that’s going to require you to learn how to use api so you can pull data from it and do stuff with it or people want you to build apis for them so like hey take my json file and turn it into api so i can use it from anywhere or take my database turn it into an api so i can use it from cloud anywhere in the world there’s tons of functionality and use cases for how you can use apis like one example i’ll give you real world is like i wanted to know how much money are we making every day in our business so what we’re doing is we’re using a selenium scraper to go to this one website login and this website by the way doesn’t have an api solike i want to get a text message like hey we made 1500 today or we made 3 dollars today on myphone as a business owner i want that now as a developer it’s your job to be able to get me that information but it’s tricky so the solution we came up with is let’s use selenium to log into the website scrape the website and scrape yesterday’s sales so let’s say yesterday’s sale says 2600 scrape it now how do we send it as a text message here’s what we do we launch it up in the cloud so we actually put it in a rest api we build an api for and we put it in the api and then on my end all i have to do is actually i got to just do a get request and pull it from the cloud and using twilio’s api send it to myself as a text message okay so there are a bunch of different things happening here we’re using api to actually put it in the cloud and then we’re using a get request so we’re using the api and then we’re using twilio’s api to send it as a text message on my phone guys that cannot happen without apis good luck building something like twilio to send text messages good luck building something that actually like gets you that information that’s why when you use apis you’releveragingwhat already exists and you’re building on top of it okay solearn apis they are a brilliant skill you can leverage the power of google search engine if you learn apis you can build a python like base detection software with like six lines of code because it’s using apis and it’s using something that already exists you can get the power of instagram you know like with few lines of code because you can use their apis soi think you should definitely have this in your toolbox as a software developer javascript developer or web developer so there you guys go the top seven skills you need to become javascript or a react developer and get a job and actually get your dream job if you practice and learn and through project based learning you could definitely learn these skills and master them.


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